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Santo Domingo Shipping Inc.

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If your questioned is not answered, we will gladly answer it if you call us, or leave us a message through the form below. We are pleased to serve you.

Is Santo Domingo Shipping a legitimate, fully licensed company?

SDS has been a Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) fully licensed freight-forwarding/consolidator compay for more than 20 years in the South Florida market. Being an authentic licensed FMC company entails having integrity, operational efficiency and reliable transportation of your merchandise or personal effects.

In how long will my shipment arrive in the Dominican Republic?

SDS cannot provide an exact timeframe, but we’ll give you an approximate date. There are situations out of our control that may arise that are handled by the maritime transport company or the customs office in the Dominican Republic.

If I buy online, can it be shipped through you?

Yes, the store can deliver directly to SDS. For SDS to determine it belongs to you, make sure that the delivery address is:
[Your name]
c/o Santo Domingo Shipping Inc
8103 NW 68th Street
Miami, FL 33166

Can I include electronic items in the boxes?

All electronic items, cell phones, laptops, TVs, etc. must be declared to the Dominican customs. Most electronics pay import tax and if not declared customs has the right to seize them or impose a fine. Please consult our office for an estimate to send electronic items.

If I’m moving to the Dominican Republic, can SDS ship all my belongings?

SDS is not a moving company. We will transport your belongings to the Dominican Republic and will handle your shipment with diligence and care. Please call us for an estimate and other details.

What form of payment does SDS accept?

We accept personal checks, credit cards, debit cards, cash, or bank transfer.

What is the cost of your door-to-door service?

We have a set fee for shipping your personal items in boxes sized 24×24 and 18×18. Please call or email us for information about the cost.

Do I need to bring my shipment to your warehouse?

Santo Domingo Shipping will first deliver the boxes you want to you and will pick them up after you’ve packed them, during a scheduled route.

Are the boxes free?

We ask for a ten-dollar deposit for each box which will be credited to your account.

What hazardous items cannot be included in the regular boxes?

Materials containing chemicals that are very combustible or explosive, such as:
paints, paint thinner, aerosols, cleaning solvents, propane tanks, scuba tanks, batteries, acids, gasoline, loaded guns, matches, among others. Some items are restricted but allowed under certain conditions. 

Check with our office if you have doubts about a particular item.


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8103 NW 68th Street
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